Water is not only life engine, many industry sectors use it. However, wells or water pipes are not everywhere available. A hole should be drilled in this situation. Business people always pay attention to nuances and very thoroughly select contractors. 

Water supply hole infrastructure development is one of out most popular services. Most large companies prefer ordering water supply from the hole exactly from us. Our specialists use УРБ2А2, УРБ3А3, 1БА15 type rigs. Our equipment can be operated in various conditions, even in the Far North. The process uses powerful vehicles such as URAL and KAMAZ trucks. 

Our main advantages are: 

  • modern equipment 
  • professionals with tremendous work experience 
  • combination of speed and quality 
  • loyal pricing policy for all our customers 
  • submitting the accounting documentation 
  • personal approach to each client's task.