The quality of groundwater resources is significantly higher than the quality of the surface ones. That is why many people try to use only qualitative, pure artesian water. Our company specializes in sourcing and execution of works for the production of high-quality groundwater. It is worth to say that the "turnkey" work is our main advantage. We possess such necessary equipment as the various professional drilling rigs, which are fully prepared for working in different climatic conditions. It can be both the southern region of the country and the far north with its harsh climate.

Our operating units are equipped with fail-safe and reliable drilling pumps NB-50 and specially reinforced compressors 4VU1-5 / 9. We also have a system of discounts and benefits for provision of such services. So if you order our service for prospect evaluation surveys of artesian waters, you do not only gain time and the pleasure of good-quality works, but also save your own money significantly!