Do you plan an important facility and require the utmost reliability to be ensured? Select the most stable foundation, bored piles, in that case, and you will not need to worry about settlement, especially non-uniform settlement. Perform a high-quality preparation, that is drill pilot holes, to install the piles in the design position, since soil can be anisotropic or flooded, and place for piles should be properly prepared. You realize that only true professionals with serious equipment can be relied upon in difficult conditions. 

Every our rig meets work execution standards in Far North conditions and is equipped with drilling pumps and compressors. We are ready to offer you a decent level: the works are carried out using truck-mounted УРБ2А2, УРБ2Д3, УРБ3А3, 1БА15 rigs. In addition, the rigs are equipped with НБ-50 pumps, 4ВУ1-5/9 compressors, and Atlas Copco screw compressors.