Full-depth hole drilling and rising zone injection are used on sufficiently well-studied rocks. This method enables a full use of the entire potential of our company's drilling equipment! 

Holes are drilled for injection using УРБ2А2, УРБ2Д3, УРБ3А3, 1БА15 drilling rigs. The drilling rigs are equipped with Atlas Copco screw compressors or 4ВУ1-5/9 compressors and are equipped with НБ-50 drilling pumps. This enables hole drilling at maximum productivity without changes even in the Far North conditions. All the drilling equipment is installed on low-maintenance URAL and KAMAZ trucks with high cross-country ability enabling reaching any difficult ground as soon as possible. 

Our main advantage is minimized accidental and forced interruptions causing hole liquidation. Our company also provides free warranty hole service.