A correct drilling of water supply holes should be carried out by experienced engineers using a proven equipment. As a result, they may not be flooded with waste water or sewage water. 

Our company gives a hole operability warranty for 1 year or longer and a hole design warranty for 25 years or longer. 

The technologies, including hole drilling technologies, are evolving. Our company is proud of modern equipment, including URAL and KAMAZ truck mounted УРБ2А2, УРБ2Д3, УРБ3А3, 1БА15 drilling rigs. 

Such machines can carry out the necessary amount of work just in one day. All our rigs are designed for operation in severe climatic conditions on any terrain, including Far North. They are equipped with НБ-50 pumps and 4ВУ1-5/9 compressors, and there are also options with Atlas Copco screw compressors guaranteeing a fast and high-quality result.